Fiden Prices

Fiden Prices

The FIDEN Prize was endowed in 2000 by Dr Roland Singer in memory of the FIDEN founder members Arthur Frommholz, BLITZ-BLaNK, Munich, and KR Wilhelm Singer, ASSA Group Vienna.

The Prize is awarded to individuals who have rendered outstanding services for the industrial cleaning industry in Europe, whether through their entrepreneurial or political commitment, or through their contribution to the creation of a business and political environment especially benefitting the cleaning industry. FIDEN is proud to count a large number of well-known figures among the winners of this prize.

The Laureates

Berlin 2001

Vienna 2002

Bologna 2003

Dubai 2004

St. Gall 2005

Rome 2006

Brussels 2007

Malta 2008

Naples 2011

Dresden 2014

Athens 2016

Dieter Kuhnert, Spiegelblank GmbH & Co. KG
Federal Guild Master of the Industrial Cleaning Trade

KR Erich Fach, CEO FACH Gruppe, Vienna
President of the National Guild Vienna

Juan Bosco Arconada Lastras, DUMA S.A.
President of FENAEL, Madrid

Werner Grossmann
Managing Director of Diversey Lever AG, Münchwilen/Switzerland

MEP Evelyne Gebhardt
Member of the European Parliament, Brussels / Strasbourg

Johannes Bungart
President of the Federal Guild of the Industrial Cleaning Trade, Berlin/Bonn

Günter Verheugen
Vice-President of the European Commission, Brussels

Association of Spanish Industrial Cleaning Businesses, Madrid

Bernd Heilmann
Managing Director of HAKO GmbH, Bad Oldesloe,
former VDMA Board Member,
Honorary Board Member of VDMA Cleaning Systems, Frankfurt/Main

MEP Hermann Winkler
Member of the European Parliament, Brussels / Strasbourg

KR Viktor Wagner
REIWAG Facility Services GmbH, Vienna

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