Congress 2020

FIDEN Congress 2020 cancelled

The events of the past weeks have prompted us to reflect intensively on the extent to which it will be possible to hold our annual international conference this year. The Board of Directors did not take the decision lightly, but after detailed deliberations it has come to the conclusion that this year's conference should not be held.

Of course, we all hope that the world will no longer be in a state of emergency in October, but we assume that once the pandemic has been contained, we will be busy trying to remedy the medical and economic consequences of the crisis. It is therefore likely that interest in an international conference in autumn will be lower than in other years.

We are planning to hold our 2021 conference in Mallorca and look forward to seeing you all again.

The entire FIDEN board and the secretariat wish you all a safe and secure journey through these troubling times and that you will master all the challenges that have suddenly arisen.

Special thoughts go to our friends in Italy and Spain!