Maastricht 2019

63rd International Congress

The 63rd Congress of FIDEN took place in Maastricht from 03 to 06 October 2019.

The motto of the conference was "Employee leadership in digital times - challenges and opportunities". We were particularly concerned with the impact that digital processes have on our employees and our management. How is the industry reacting and what technologies are already being developed today?

In our panel discussion "inclusion in building maintenance - a win-win situation?" building service providers and producers exchanged their experiences so far. Does inclusion only lead to improvements on all levels? What are the benefits for building service providers?

In addition to the actual congress, there was also an interesting and entertaining social programme this year, during which the participants had the opportunity to discover Maastricht and the surrounding area and to have professional discussions with the other congress participants in a relaxed atmosphere.

During a working visit, we learned about the particularities of maintenance and cleaning of food-producing companies and administrative buildings in the Limburg region.


Lucerne 2017

61st International Congress

The 61st International Congress of FIDEN was held from 19th until 22nd of October 2017 in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Under the motto „Positioning as Building Services Provider in Times of Digital Change" we looked at the presence and future of our industry. What does digitalization 4.0 mean? How can I prepare as a building services provider for the changes arising from digitalization? How can I start today to adjust my company?

In our discussion forum renowned building services providers exchanged their views on the demands they are faced with from their customers due to changes in the digital age and outlined solution approaches.
Interesting contributions by experts from universities, companies, public administration and associations who had made a name for themselves on these topics awaited the conference participants at the FIDEN Congress 2017 with the latest information and lively debates.

Alongside the Congress, also in 2017 we had an interesting and entertaining framework program which gave the opportunity to explore Lucerne and the places of interest in the region and talk shop with other congress participants in a relaxed atmosphere.
In a work visit the delgatse learned about the particular requirements regarding the cleaning and maintenance of a monastery and a distillery.

The city, the lake, the mountains: Lucerne, surrounded by an impressive panorama of mountains, offered an abundance of sights, art and culture. Strolling along the shore of the Lake of Lucerne and having an aperitif on the Reuss river, strolling through the historic city centre and experiencing Lucerne’s modern and sociable lifestyle. A Congress nobody should have missed!

Here you can find our conference program.

FIDEN Congress 2020 cancelled

The events of the past weeks have prompted us to reflect intensively on the extent to which it will be possible to hold our annual international conference this year. The Board of Directors did not take the decision lightly, but after detailed deliberations it has come to the conclusion that this year's conference should not be held.

Of course, we all hope that the world will no longer be in a state of emergency in October, but we assume that once the pandemic has been contained, we will be busy trying to remedy the medical and economic consequences of the crisis. It is therefore likely that interest in an international conference in autumn will be lower than in other years.

We are planning to hold our 2021 conference in Mallorca and look forward to seeing you all again.

The entire FIDEN board and the secretariat wish you all a safe and secure journey through these troubling times and that you will master all the challenges that have suddenly arisen.

Special thoughts go to our friends in Italy and Spain!

Venice 2018

62nd International Congress

The 62nd International Congress of FIDEN took place from 27th until 30th of September 2018 in Venice, Italy.

Under the motto „Efficiency and Transparency – Building Cleaning in Upheaval" we talked about the effects the constant availability of data regarding our services entails for our suppliers and customers, and above all, for our own industry.

What will be the demands of customers the cleaning industry has to face? Transparent data as a basis for the awarding of contracts under the criteria of reduction of costs or quality improvement? How does our industry react and what technologies are being developed already?

In our discussion forum building services providers and manufacturers exchanged the experience they have made thus far. Will the transparency regarding services lead to savings for customers only? What benefit will it bring for building services providers? How can the new transparency be used for improving the industry’s own processes?

We too a look forward together with the conference participants to the latest information and had lively debates.

Alongside the Congress also this year we had an interesting and entertaining framework program which gave us the opportunity to explore Venice and its places of interest, and talk shop with other congress participants in a relaxed atmosphere.

In a work visit we learned about the particular needs regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the historic opera house “La Fenice“ and cleaning especially during and after floods.

Our hotel was located on the Lido island from where the hotel shuttle boat took us in a 10 minutes’ ride to the main island and its touristic sights.

In the Middle Ages, Venice was one of Europe’s major economic and political centers. The city is called the “Serenissima“ (the most serene), it is the city of lagoons and gondolas, abundant in tourist attractions, art and culture, the art capital of the 21st century. It is a dignified historic place for a congress whose motto is transformation.

Here you can find our conference program.

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