About Us

About Us



The next FIDEN maintains a representation to the European Union in Brussels a permanent secretariat in Munich.

While the representation in Brussels at the headquarters of UEAPME (European Association of Craft, Small and Medium Enterprises) maintains contacts with the EU institutions and ensures a steady flow of information regarding the latest developments, the Secretariat in Munich, the members of particular in connection specific issues of interpretation and implementation of European regulations and projects and in finding cooperation partners.

FIDEN brings together people who have a sustainable positive impact on the cleaning industry’s development!

Our Goals

FIDEN is a platform for all businesses active in the industrial cleaning sector in Europe.

We inform our members about relevant developments within the European Union and in other countries and keep an eye on the latest trends. We assist our members in searching for cooperation partners, e.g. in order to create provider communities across national borders. We advise our members on issues of business succession and business acquisition. We encourage the exchange of experience among industrial cleaning contractors and manufacturers in order to consistently improve the quality of the sector’s services and cleaning equipment and products.

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