St. Gallen 2005


49th International Congress | 29th of September - 2nd of October 2005

The 49th international congress of FIDEN took place in St. Gall from 29th of September till the 2nd of October 2005.

The conference, among other subjects, dealed with contemporary issues as the european directive on chemical products REACH and the service directive. On the last subject reported Mrs. Evelyne Gebhardt, MEP, as well, the Arthur Frommholz Price of this year has also been awarded to, for her merits for the interests of the european building service.

Award of the 2005 Arthur Frommholz Price
To Mrs. Evelyne Gebhardt, MdEP

Dear MPs, Mrs Gebhardt,

Allow me first of all that I introduce you our circle of businessmen of cleaning, facility management and the supply industry from all over Europe shortly, even if your name is listed under the coverage of EU projects become very high in the press and we have heard today at the conference much of what is now considerable influence your work in the European Parliament already quite a while.

As a multilingual parliamentarian, who was born in Paris, both the German and holds French citizenship, and has worked himself as a translator, you will forgive me if I limit myself due to the translation of some distinctive aspects of your professional and political career.

You have for your school, which you have stored in Paris in 1972, successfully studied languages ​​in France and Germany in the field of politics and business. 1975 you joined the Social Democratic Party of Germany, where you have taken on European issues very quickly and were among other Chairwoman of the European Advisory Board of the SPD in Baden-Württemberg. Since 1994, you are member of the European Parliament and also a member and spokesperson of the Socialists in the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection.

Concern for the individual and just the children in a modern, but often inhuman world, you show both as a spokesperson of the PES Group in the Committee on Human Genetics and new technologies in modern medicine, but also as a member of the Academy for Ethics in medicine. You also engage in various secular and religious bodies, including children from failed binational partnerships and for women in the third world.

Today it is a great pleasure for us to welcome you to the distinguished Arthur Frommholz price . Arthur Frommholz was one of the founding members of our trade association , who had clearly recognized already in 1956, the future importance of the European Economic Community for our sector . With this award, the FIDEN would therefore like to honor personalities who have rendered outstanding services to the needs of commercial cleaning in Europe.

Of course we are well aware that you are not sure just thought at first your efforts against excessive deregulation plans in the European Services Directive to the possible significance of the building cleaning , or maybe not?

In any case, her dedicated and courageous appearance for the opening of markets against competition but shows the lowest social standards that you very well have as the backbone of our economy , in contrast to many other needs of the growing medium-sized businesses in mind . Already, we are seeing every day that where these structures are broken , it is primarily the workers who lose by cheap competition and social dumping their jobs irretrievably .

Therefore, we wish to highlight your commitment within our means as a European trade association as models for emulation and wish you well in terms of our conference theme " Just in time into the future" power for your work in the European Parliament and for your many important activities .

With a timely manner but we also believe that you can take time for yourself and your family and friends themselves . This time it needs to pause , relax and to regain strength to be strengthened to be able to go back to work with new ideas and fully focused . And so we wish you and that they enjoy us this evening together with her husband as a small thank you for your commitment to Europe and its people .

St. Gallen, 01.10.2005

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